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When a doctor prescribes a medicine or recommends using an over-the-counter drug, patients naturally assume that the medication constitutes a safe and effective way to alleviate their symptoms or treat their illness. While most of the time prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, and nutritional supplements have positive health benefits, they can sometimes have serious side effects that cause major illness, debilitating medical conditions, or even wrongful death. Despite the intent of pharmaceuticals to treat illness, dangerous drugs can cause more harm than good.

Many people develop a false sense of security because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a medication. However, certain drugs with FDA approval cause catastrophic injury and even fatalities. At Black Law Group, we understand the tragic irony of suffering substantial harm and injury from a drug designed to heal. We are committed to holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for rushing defective drugs to the market without adequate clinical trials, ignoring potential warning signs, and improperly marketing drugs for off-label use. The pharmaceutical attorneys at Black Law Group have over a hundred years of combined legal experience. We have built a reputation for tenaciously pursuing the fullest recovery for our clients. Our law firm has been recognized by SuperLawyers for nine consecutive years.

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The FDA may still approve a drug even in the face of evidence that the drug has side effects provided serious adverse incidents are rare. Sometimes subsequent studies will reveal significant detrimental side effects or an increased risk of experiencing certain serious medical conditions after the drug has been approved for the market and widely prescribed or used as an over-the-counter medication.
Even when severe life-threatening incidents are reported by those taking a medication, it does not necessarily mean that the drug company or FDA will recall the drug. In many cases, the FDA will simply require a warning regarding the potential for certain adverse effects to be included on the drug packaging. When drugs are linked to potentially fatal conditions or deaths, sometimes the FDA requires a black box warning, which is the strongest FDA warning included with drug packaging.

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There are many very serious medical conditions that can be caused by unsafe drugs, but some of the most common include:

Many people presume that only prescription drugs cause serious adverse side effects. A common assumption is that an over-the-counter medication cannot be particularly dangerous, or a prescription would be required. This is simply not the case. For example, acetaminophen (Trade Name: Tylenol) is the leading cause of liver failure in the U.S. The active ingredient in an over-the-counter drug might include acetaminophen which is also present in prescription medications being taken by a patient. When a prescription drug is combined with an over-the-counter medication containing acetaminophen, it can result in a dangerous overdose.

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If you suffer harm that might have been caused by a dangerous drug, you could have the right to pursue a defective pharmaceutical lawsuit against the drug manufacturer. There are a wide range of drugs that are currently on the market or have been recalled, which might cause serious injury. Some drugs that might be the basis of a dangerous drug claim or that have been the basis of such claims in the past include:

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If you have taken any of these drugs or have taken other prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, or nutritional supplements and have suffered serious side effects, you should consult with your physician immediately. Although a defective drug may have very severe consequences, sometimes prompt medical attention can help mitigate the damage. With many dangerous drugs, the adverse side effects may take years to become apparent even after discontinuing the medication. It is important that you obtain a case evaluation with an experienced dangerous drug attorney as soon as you discover that might have been harmed by an unsafe drug.

Black Law Group is committed to seeking compensation for victims of unsafe pharmaceuticals and holding drug companies financial responsible for the harm their products inflict on consumers.Call us today at 888-540-9220 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our convenient Albuquerque location serves clients throughout Bernalillo County and the surrounding municipalities, counties, and smaller unincorporated areas.